What do I do after graduation?

I do not know what to do after I graduate in May next semester. I am honestly a little scared to go out into the real world and I kind of want to put it off. I feel like my whole life up to this point has just revolved around school and being a good student. I am almost 22 years old and I have no real hobbies because school takes up all my time; I would like to have hobbies and more interests. I want a full life full of meaning and I don’t feel like I have that right now. I think it is more important to find myself now then it is to go out and drown myself in a real world job that I still do not feel prepared for. College is supposed to educate you and prepare you for the real world, but I honestly think college is lacking on doing this. I don’t feel all that prepared and I am someone who spends all their time being a research assistant and being the president of my academic club… so if I don’t feel ready or prepared enough, who does? I also feel like classes are not all that challenging anymore. They have just gotten so easy and they offer so much extra credit; there is no extra credit in the real world. When you don’t do A work, you get fired. I just don’t feel ready to enter the real working world, but I do feel like I am ready to get out of this educational system. I honestly just want to keep working my waitressing job for a bit. I make good money and I know what I’m doing and I can finally have time to relax and figure out more of who I am.


One thought on “What do I do after graduation?”

  1. Considered traveling (regionally, nationally or internationally?)? School does a lot in the classroom….with even more to tackle. Some other ideas while you figure things out…..plug into a passion or seek one. Volunteer (animals, kids, elderly, homeless programs) at a good organization. Shadow some people at roles you would consider. (1 day, 5 days or 10 days!) AND, before you leave use the career counselors and resources on campus while they are still included in your tuition. You are super smart, a good problem solver and easy to relate to–many companies would treasure you as an employee! (PS In the real world, there is “extra credit”! Sometimes making mistakes is a HUGE part of the process. Not on all things and maybe not the BIG things, but mistakes are made ALL the time.)


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