Virtual Reality: A New Promising Tool in PR

One of the latest technological advancements in PR is the idea of using virtual reality for PR purposes. Virtual reality is used by simply putting on a headset that takes you away to a different world via a screen. Originally, the focus of virtual reality was in the gaming and entertainment world, but now companies are seeing the benefit of using virtual reality for promoting their products or organizations. For example, a hotel has the opportunity to show potential customers their hotel by having them virtually experience a room or the bar or other amenities.

Virtual Reality has a lot of different potentials in PR. It has the opportunity to make products more compelling by presenting them in a more realistic way. It gives consumers the opportunity to see what is really behind a brand name. For example, a brand like The North Face, which specializes in active wear and sports gear, made a virtual reality experience that involves having the consumer climb through a national park. This is what The North Face envisions their consumers doing and it may resonate with certain consumers or it will inspire consumers to go out and do more activities like this and they will think of The North Face when they do.

This new technology has a lot of promise in the PR Field. Learn more!


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