LinkedIn: A PR Necessity

LinkedIn is a commonly known social network that specifically caters to professionals. Many professionals use this network to search for new employees or new jobs if they are in the market. On the opposite side, individuals who are seeking a job will use this network to try and connect with potential employers.

Personally, I look at LinkedIn as a professional Facebook. Currently I am not in the Linked In universe, but I plan to join the network very soon. Graduation is approaching and LinkedIn will be a good tool to have in my job search. LinkedIn has a lot of positives such as finding you jobs and employer connections as well as inform you of different organizations, but a downfall of it is that people need to be on their toes while using this social network. This network is not Twitter, so personal thoughts that may be inappropriate do not belong on here. Though this may seem obvious, people still need to be aware of the professional distinction, so they do not accidentally portray themselves in a negative manner.

LinkedIn can also be a useful tool in PR. PR professionals can use LinkedIn to research clients before they go and pitch to them; this will help them make a better pitch. LinkedIn can also be used to get to know your audience and market better when you are assigned an audience you are not as familiar with. Another way a PR professional can use LinkedIn is by looking into other organizations sites for tips to improve your own organizations site.

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