How to Effectively Use Emails in a PR Campaign

As any person with an email knows, people often receive many email messages a day. Email is an efficient way to access people in this technological era at anytime and anywhere (now that cellphones have email capability). This brings about a great opportunity for PR firms. This creates another avenue to get a hold of a customer or client. Though there are many opportunities within this campaign idea, there are also limitations. People may not check their emails often or they might disregard emails with subjects they do not want to hear from. Though there are challenges that come with this campaign idea, there are ways to work with and around these challenges. Here are some ideas on running a successful email campaign:


-Look into the branding of your company. To make the customer/client more engaged in the email make use of color and info graphics and make sure the logo is well positioned. It is also advisable to share your brands story in a small way; the client/customer will relate to this personal aspect better.


-Though pictures and info graphics are a good way to grab the reader’s attention, it is advisable to keep a small amount of them towards the first half of the email. Depending on how the reader is viewing the email the images may not download properly and this will result in the reader losing interest in the email.


-It is a good idea to make use of the “From” and “Subject” headings. Change the “From” setting in the email to your company’s name; the target audience is more likely to open that email than one with the composers name on it. Also, view the “Subject” setting as your headliner. Keep the “Subject” setting simple, but make sure it is catchy and will grab the readers attention.


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