How Facebook and Twitter are used in PR

The benefit of using social media as a PR platform is that it lets the audience have a conversation with the organization. This makes the audience feel more apart of the process, which makes them more likely to get involved with the organization.

Having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is a good way to reach the targeted audience while they are not intentionally looking for the organization. Visualization and imagery is a good way to capture the audiences’ attention. Through Facebook and Twitter, PR practitioners can use info graphics and video testimonials to tell stories of the organization that the audience will feel attached to and a part of. Once their attention has been captured, they could follow the organization’s page and learn new things about the organization, without having to go to the website to learn more information. Though creating these accounts will give organizations better and easier access to clients, it will also make them more inclined to leave unwanted complaints here.

Arguably the most important aspect of PR firms working with social media is monitoring the organizations reputation on social media such as on Facebook and Twitter. The PR practitioner will keep track of what is going on these sites and report anything that needs a response to the organization. The PR practitioner can also advise the organization on how to respond to posts or tweets to avoid unwanted confrontations/complaints that will be damaging to the organization.

Using Facebook and Twitter can increase company recognition while also building brand loyalty. Organizations have done this by doing giveaways and promotion on these social media outlets. PR firms will also use accounts like Facebook and Twitter to find events that would be good for organizations to take part in to further create a good reputation.

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