Instagram and Pinterest in the PR World

Instagram and Pinterest are turning into successful PR platforms mainly due to their visual aspects. Potential customers can see the product/brand/company in a visually appealing and creative set up that easily resonates with the target population of consumers. Pinterest allows users to collect a wish list for items that can be returned too for later use. Their followers can also see these wish lists and pins, which further increases awareness of a brand/company/product. Instagram is known for its editing of pictures to make them visually appealing. PR professionals cans use this to their advantage when wanting to promote a particular brand or company. This can be done by focusing on a particular product or Instagramming about a particular event that is affiliated with the company. Though there are many companies that are having success with these media outlets, there are two that are ahead of the pack.


Starbucks is having a lot of success on Instagram. The secret behind their success has been by re-sharing photos posted by fans that are in relation to Starbucks. The caompany’s PR team is also clued into the artsy style of their fans, so they incorporate these into their pictures on Instagram. These are a few of their traits that are earning them goodwill among their customer base.


Sephora is having a lot of success through the use of Pinterest. The secret behind their success is that they realized the mindset that is associated with Pinterest versus other social media outlets, such as Facebook. When people go on Pinterest, they are already in a buying/shopping mindset since they are a making wish lists/pins of future things they desire. Sephora was one of the first to incorporate a pin it button on their websites making them easily put on somebody’s board. Using Pinterest also allows users to see the product and its results, which further encourages future use. People can also follow people on Pinterest allowing companies to reach out to the followers of people who are really into Sephora.


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