Comparing and Contrasting 2 Blogs

My Darling Catastrophe is a blog about a midwestern college girls life. Her goal for the blog is to write about her thoughts and she hopes that her situations are relatable to her readers and that her readers will find value in her thoughts.


Life Without Pants is a blog about an entrepreneur and his life of choosing the road less traveled by. He posts his thoughts in general, but also delves into his work/lifestyle as an entrepreneur.


Life Without Pants is very easy to navigate through and the widgets are self-explanatory for the most part: “Home, About, Archives, Contact, Proof Branding, Subscribe”. The only one that is not self-explanatory would be “Proof Branding” but upon further investigation it is a link to his business. You can tell this blog is written by a well-practiced blogger/writer that has been doing this for quite sometime. This is shown through the easy flow of the blog and the technologic design that is appealing to the eye. His wording is casual and relatable making the content easier to understand and interesting.


My Darling Catastrophe has a less tech savvy feel to it, but it is still easy to navigate. Again, the widgets are self explanatory, even more so then the last one. The authors use of pictures make the blog relatable and engaging to her desired target population. Her writing is also written in a casual away that makes it friendly and understandable to the reader. This blog also focuses more on very relatable life circumstances, but ones that are not always addressed in a normal social setting; this makes it more enticing to read.


Overall, I ended up picking 2 blogs that were similar in topic and set up. I thought they were both very well done.


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